Get ready to meet the people destined to change your life. If your high school curriculum was anything like mine, than Mitch Albom’s “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” was a staple in your English literature classes. Rightfully so, as the book is a transcendental account of a maintenance man named Eddie’s interactions with the five people that touched his life the most.

While this will not be a review of the aforementioned novel, I brought it up so that you will get an understanding of why I came up with this topic to begin with. On our journey through life we are fortunate enough to meet those who teach us about ourselves in ways we cannot learn on our own. Interesting to think that another person could educate us about ourselves in such a fashion.

While every lesson that we are taught is not necessarily a happy one, they are the ones that lay the foundation for who we as people become. Submitted for the approval of the millennial society, I call this article “The 9 People Destined To Change Your Life.”

The Guardian

Your guardian is your first support system. The initial association you as a person make with the feeling of being protected and cared for. The balance of nature vs nurture is tested as people are thrust into the challenges of life.

It is our guardians and the feeling of nurture they had instilled in us that gives us a sense of security in this world. These guardians may be your parents, but are not limited to. Guardians come in all characters such as aunts and uncles, adoptive parents, grandparents, godparents, and the list can go on.

Guardians are not bound by blood and family ties. They hold the distinct characteristic of being our first security blanket for us to rely on for support and protection while undergoing our lessons of growing.

The First Love

Number 2 on the list of people destined to change your life is the inevitable first love. Timing is a curious thing if you think about it. As things come when you least expect them, our first loves may have presented themselves at a very young age. Maybe in the form of neighborhood sweethearts or middle school crush. Or on the flip side, they may have not revealed themselves until much later in our maturity.

Either way this fated encounter teaches us how to open up in a meaningful way displaying our feelings and emotions. We then learn how to truly respect and accommodate another’s feelings. Most importantly we learn to break from our comfort zones, fully displaying our true beings, expelling our insecurities and inhibitions.

It is possible that this person may be your first and only true love. In the case where this love runs its course and does not last however, the experiences and memories will give you the proper insight on future relationships.

While not every person needs or wants to be loved the same way, the insight given from the first love will be more a reflection of yourself. How are you able to manage your own feelings during jealousy, envy, bliss, and of course…

The First Heartbreak

The pain may be unbearable at first, but you will manage. The hurt may cause you to reevaluate ever subjecting yourself to such a feeling again. However this is one of the most important experiences to go through.

The first heartbreak is instrumental in teaching you the concept that not everything, no matter how beautiful and prosperous it may be, will last. That is ok. Remember as the old adage goes, one door closes so that another can open.

Do not dwell on this heartbreak too long. If you are no longer together it is only because things didnt work out and better to learn that lesson earlier than later.

Every encounter in life is meant to teach us lessons about ourselves and the first heartbreak is one that will teach volumes. How do we cope with sadness? Are we spiteful and vengeful or are we capable of letting go of grudges?

The One That Got Away

I can bet some serious money that each person reading this can think of the one person they cared immensely about but never let into their lives. Maybe this was not a decision made solely by you and was fully made under their own volition. Maybe it was an result of sickness or death. Either way they will forever be remembered as the “one that got away.”

Why is it important to have met this individual? Such an encounter teaches us about the frailties of regret. Regret beckons us to do things we would not normally do under better circumstances. Furthermore overcoming this regret consciously affirms the notion that not everything will last forever, and that is ok.

So why else may this be an important encounter? The one that got away teaches us to take chances in life. Too often we are confined to our comfort zones and do not take the necessary risks to actualize potential happiness. Than when it is far too late we immerse ourselves in the cloud of what if.

What if, is the worst thing you can ask yourself because it is a fallacy. What ifs begin to paint a picture in our minds of what life may have been thus distracting us from what life really is. Living in the past will create a sense of depression. Understand the one that got away was meant to do so in order to teach us a valuable lesson.

The Mentor

Next on our list of people destined to change your life is your biggest influence. Who do you look up to? Who has been the one individual that taught you the facts of life that you live by now. This is your mentor.

Many a time we model our lives by the way our mentor taught us. Maybe your mentor is a teacher, a parent, a friend, a neighbor or even a coworker. Either way this is the individual who has made one of the biggest impacts on your life.

The mentor many times is the one we go to when life throws us conflicts that need resolution. Apart from maybe the guardian, the mentor is the one who supports you and the decisions you make as they are a direct extension of the ladder’s teachings .

Also like the guardian, the mentor will be one of the most brutally honest critics in your life. We all need our very own critics to experience growth and who better than the people we wish to emulate most. As we are said to gravitate to those similar to us, the mentor is one of those individuals you will have a lasting relationship with.

The Apprentice

Every Mentor needs an Apprentice. We as people love to bestow our knowledge on others who can benefit from it. When we grow older and experience more of life’s many lessons it is our duty to teach these lessons to those we love and those we care about.

Just as our mentors taught us, we will do the same when we become older and wiser. There will be certain people we look out for in terms of education more so then others. Whether they be our kids, a neighbor, our students, or a random encounter that turns into a lifetime connection, our apprentices will look to us as sages as we had done years prior to our mentors.

The lessons that we teach our apprentices will reverberate into their future because of the trust they have in us. This education will become a cycle as our mentors have taught us and we have taught our apprentices who will grow to mentors of others and thus teach them.

In a way, your apprentice will immortalize you and the legacy you have left behind as Socrates was to Plato, Plato to Aristotle and Aristotle to Alexander the Great. The lessons you bestow upon your apprentice will directly and indirectly alter their life as it has shaped their personality and the way they rationalize ideas.

The Soulmate

One of the most obvious people destined to change your life will of course be your soulmate. Your soulmate can be your first love or maybe your 3rd marriage when you reach the youthful age of 55. Love knows no age restriction and your one true love is clearly no exception.

A soulmate is someone who we connect with for life. Whether we share in passions or conflicts, our soulmates are those who understand us best due to our similar nature.

Bringing Plato back into the mix, he once theorized that we as humans were initially creatures with four legs, four arms, one head with two faces, and one soul. Being that we were split down the middle, one soul split into two and it is of many people’s journey to reconnect the two.

Our soulmates are us in a different vessel. They complete us in a world with so much diversity. We enjoy their company at all times of day and all days of life without reservations. They understand us and all of our quarks because the two souls connect to form one complete being.

To many, this is the most cherished of all fated encounters and the one we may spend our entire lives to find. Once found our regrets become moot and our actual lives begin as we share in what we have described as a complete and meaningful life.

The Competitor

One you may not have expected on the list of people destined to change your life is the competitor. Those in which we call our competitors are not necessarily enemies as many of our friends and loved ones teach us the lessons that the competitor would teach.

The competitor’s objective is to fire the flame that is your passion and drive. We learned our convictions through our guardian and our mentor, but it is the competitor that instigates our actions. They cause us to elevate our work ethic, our attitude, and our resolve. The competitor is the one who motivates us to pursue our plans in the understanding that if we do not, they or someone else will.

The competitor teaches us that things are not handed to us equally.  Hard work and merit go into our success. Without the competitor we may never truky understand our fullest potential.

The Grim Reaper

Lastly and most undoubtedly on our list of people destined to change your life is death. Of course we understand that one day we will die. So how do we “meet” death in a way that changes our life through experience and understanding.

We meet death throughout every stage of our life. Our guardian will die, as will our mentor and, hopefully not before us, but our soulmate will die. Death is the only certainty in life. Understanding this lesson teaches us to cherish the moment. Live for what we have and not for which we do not.

In doing so we become more humble beings. Appreciative of the wonderful lessons and relationships we’ve encountered. Our experiences after all our the only thing we can carry with us to our grave.

Now that you have read the whole list you may be placing faces into roles trying to identify these eight people. You may however also begin to realize that one person may as well fill two or three roles.

This is expected as each role was not meant to be an actual individual personality but an encounter of the experience that this individual brings. Thanks again for checking in and make sure to comment about what you think or how these experiences have changed you.

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