So by now I am sure you have been told by a friend, a family member, a coworker or a connection on social media about essential oils and their many benefits. What some people may not be aware of however, is that essential oils help reduce anxiety and stress in a multitude of ways.

According to one survey, ranging stress on a scale of 1 to 10, Millennials continue to have the highest levels clocking in at 5.7. This is compared to both Generation X and the Baby Boomers who level out at 5.3 and 3.9 respectively. Luckily there are so many different kinds of essential oils for every user’s preference to help reduce those levels.

Stress and anxiety will come from many different ways in life, whether it be related to financial stress, or personal anxieties. It is important to not further our stress and anxiety with the worry on how to alleviate those very issues. Essential oils help reduce anxiety and stress in more natural and cost efficient ways. Submitted for the approval of the millennial society, I call this article, “5 Essential Oils to Help Reduce Anxiety & Stress”


Let’s start with the most obvious. Lavender essential oils are a staple for any avid fanatic. According to the folks at Mercola, lavender oil has sedative effects when inhaled which would be instrumental in relieving high levels of stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

One study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center found that massages with lavender oils may result in improved sleep quality, better balanced mood, more focus, and reduced anxiety. This study also demonstrated that those who received a massage with lavender oil felt less anxious and more positive than those who received massage without.


Like lavender oil, frankincense has been used for years due to its similarly sedative effects. Frankincense oils offer a soothing yet uplifting earthy aroma which offer a relaxing effect.

To achieve the highest quality results, combine a few drops of frankincense with meditation and you will be able to deal with your stresses, depressions, and anxiety quicker than you could have imagined. During your frankincense assisted meditations, you will be reducing or eliminating as a whole the negative emotions that cause your stress and anxiety to begin with.


Orange essential oils are well known to be beneficial in reducing or alleviating levels of post traumatic stress disorder. One study conducted for Physiology and Behavior 2000 found that the participants subjected to the orange essential oil had lower levels of anxiety and a more positive mood than those in the control group.

Another study led by Mei University in Japan suggested that using orange oil reduced the medication frequency necessary for people suffering from depression. With its citrus smell, orange essential oil will combine well with any of the other oils on this list.

Ylang Ylang

Like the majority on this list, ylang ylang is also known to have sedative qualities. Inhaling its aroma is said to transmit messages to the limbic system which is responsible for controlling our emotions.

A study of 40 healthy individuals published by Phytotherapy Research in 2006 suggested that ylang ylang essential oil helped promote relaxation and promote positive moods. A different study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience in 2008 determined that inhaling the aroma of ylang ylang oils increased feelings of serenity and calmness.


Typically known for its use in high end perfumes and toiletries, vetiver oil is also used for alleviating stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. As a nervine, this oil will maintain the health of your nerves and heal the damage caused by stress.

With a musky earthy smell, vetiver oil is a calming tranquil oil that will remind you of a warm dry day in the fields with the smell of grass and moist dirt. Relaxing and versatile, vetiver can be used as base note to any mixture of the oils listed in this article.

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Now you know that if you are feeling increasingly stressed. or your anxiety has begun to build, think of using any of these five essential oils for relief. You can purchase them by clicking on any of the links corresponding to the flavor.

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