Probably the most underrated aspect of any interview is the interview questions you are not asking. Whether it be nervosity or a basic misunderstanding of etiquette, the interview questions you do not ask are the ones that have decided your fate before you left the building. Spoiler alert, you did not get the job. Here is why.

You did not cover 3 very basic principles and the necessary display of desire and confidence in obtaining this position as a career move. Hiring managers want to believe in you; they want to trust in your “intentions” as choosing this job as a long term career move. Most importantly they want to keep turnover rates down as it is not healthy for their image, let alone the companies.

Without you, the potential new hire, fully understanding the position and your role in it, as well as the company, decrease the likelihood that you remain for the long term when presented with unexpected expectations or culture shock. So henceforth, let me key in on the reason for your attendance here today. Submitted for the approval of the millennial society, I call this article, “When Asking Interview Questions, Make Sure to Cover These 4 Topics.”


Let me be cliché for a moment and call the following the 4 “C’s” on the checklist of interview questions to target. Each individual “C” has it’s own psychology behind it. This psychology may be in regards to work ethic and drive, personality or overall fit for the company.

As noted in Must Know Interview Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in the Career Field of Your Choice, being prepared for the interview will help you stand out from the surplus of candidates vying for the same position. When it is time to ask your interview questions, typically at the end of the interview, it is your time to…

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The hiring manage is the individual who backs up the claim that you are a great fit for the growth of the company. Their recommendation can profit the company or help damage it, whether that be minimally or catastrophic. Bluntly, your employment is in their hands. So connect with them, get to know them. Understand how they were offered the position and ultimately why they chose it.

In asking these questions, you may find similarities or disparities between you two which will also give insightful knowledge on the company itself and how you may relate. You begin to form a basic understanding of the beginning phase of this position.

Next, you might want to ask how he or she began to grow in the company, what individual struggles they have faced and what lessons it had taught them that became beneficial for their career. Now you start to fill out the understanding of the position and what to expect in your career path. Does this sound like something you think you can handle? Or, has the pressure begun to mentally usher you out of the interview?

Lastly, ask the interviewer why after the time they have put into this company have they remained. What has kept them here so long? Is it management? How about the experience? Perhaps maybe it is the holiday parties? What is it is a combination of all of them? Understanding the aspects of any company are important in assimilating. Yes you will be assimilating into a new…

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Sometimes you want to be the black sheep. Those are the situations where you take calculated risks. You see positive, when all the rest see negatives. However there are other times you do not want to be the black sheep. Do not get overcome by a culture shock.

Entering into any new industry or even company can intimidate some people. Understanding what kind of culture you are subjecting yourself to would be ideal in that any shock would be demystified. Does this company offer weekly happy hour get together sometimes commonly referred to as “team nights”? Is the teamwork of a genuine nature or are you entering into high school again to swim with more vicious sharks?

You will need to evaluate yourself before and after your ask about the companies culture and what qualities and traits they look for to fill this role. How do you stack up? Honestly, can you picture yourself happy in what you have been told about your future colleagues and that atmosphere you will share? Does this align with your comfort zone?

Next, and probably most importantly in terms of culture, you are going to want to ask about the relationship between the workers and those in positions of management and leadership. Again, asking these particular target of interview questions shows a definite interest in the culture of the company and if you will fit in to succeed.

Success is a mindset. To succeed, you will want to surround yourself with people who also succeed. Having a supportive team of colleagues and management behind you will help you expedite your successes, as well as properly and effectively help to handle your…


After you get a good understanding of the culture you are trying to associate yourself with, it is time to prepare yourself for what the future holds. How will you be measured in this company, and what are some of the expectations someone in this position would have?

Expectations are goals under scrutiny. In striving to maintain those expectations, what are some of the roadblocks both you as the employee, and the company will face? What are some of the roadblocks the company has already faced? How did they overcome those positions. This series of questions gives you great insight on how the company operates and where you fit in the companies mission.

Lastly, if the companies goal is to grow then your goal at the individual level should be to grow with this company. How does someone grow into a more managerial and supervisory role? Is there room for growth? If so what is a realistic estimation of the time investment to ascend to that position.

This answer will give you the knowledge of whether you will grow in your career or you will remain stagnant. Furthermore will you be able to maintain through the struggles and through the years with the work ethic and patience needed? If you believe so then it is time for the…

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You have asked all the necessary questions that majority of your competing candidates did not ask. The big question now is are you a fit for this company? If you believe you could find a home within this company then you will want to ask them how soon they are looking to hire. This exhibits a sense of desire and urgency. Show your interviewer you understand all that is required, are comfortable, confident, and ready to go.

Most managers may be indirect about that answer and suggest that they have other candidates they are scheduled to speak with and that they will have a better idea once all candidates have been spoken to. I used to say the same crap when I conducted interviews. I never meant it once. If a candidate stuck out to me above all and I was 100% confident in who I was interviewing I would extend the offer right then and right there.

If however the interviewer does not extend the offer and gives you the answer I suggested, then you missed something. Uncover that negative by asking the interviewer if you have left out any pertinent details in regards to the required qualifications for this position and explain how you meet those.

After you have filled the void its time for the real close. Ask the interviewer with confidence, as if you already have the job, what is the next step in the hiring process? This should give you a clear indication of whether you will be selected. If at this time the interviewer still says we will conduct more interviews and keep in touch. Lets be honest you probably did not succeed in the interview, and that’s ok. Interviews require practice to execute and you just had your first honest productive lesson.

If however you are offered a position right then and there, congratulations!

While these will not guarantee you the job, they will show to the interviewer that you are more invested and interested in the open opportunity. Do not take for granted the time you are allotted to ask these questions or those of a similar nature. Remember no question is a stupid question if you do not know the answer to it.

Make sure to bring a notebook or download a free copy of the 4 C’s Checklist here so that these questions are not missed. Good luck on your next interview and check back to tell your stories of success!