Despite what you may hear, chivalry is far from extinct. The truth is that we’ve become far too accustomed to the mundane clichés of dating. We are too comfortable with what we know and are afraid to take the necessary chances with first date ideas. Dinner and a movie, walks on the beach, “Netflix and chill”, have we lost our creativity and imagination so much to commonalities that we are unwilling to woo our prospective lovers the right way? It would seem so if your still reading this. Alas I have a solution!

Be aware, if there is no connection, some of these dates may not last long regardless of how pleasantly stimulating they may be. In contrast your date might go so well that you both fancy the proverbial night cap.

Either way keep your cool, if you’re drinking, don’t get too hammered (no one likes a sloppy drunk), and most importantly be yourself. If they don’t appreciate you for who you really are than its not worth any further investment, and that’s not a bad thing. You will find the one.

As a self proclaimed romantic, I have scoured the vast arena that is the internet for the woman’s opinion, testimonials of failed attempts, innovative date ideas as well as using my own dating experiences and have meticulously put together this list. Submitted for the approval of the millennial society, I call this article, “10 First Date Ideas That Will Break Down Barriers and Ensure a 2nd.”

1] Hot Air Balloon Date

First date ideas Hot air balloon

Without a doubt, this will be the most expensive of all the dates, with #2 a close second, so let’s get them out of the way first. Picture you and your beautiful date climbing the skies with a chilled bottle of white or champagne and an assortment of cheeses from your picnic tote as you gaze upon the horizon and immerse in delectable dialogue.

You probably envision your date laughing and smiling, hair calmly waving in the breeze while having a most unforgettable time. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking so as its a far stretch away from the cliché’s and one to surely impress.

Hopefully you or your date are not afraid of heights because that would be a total deal breaker as hot air balloons typically ascend the sky at approximately 1000 ft. or more.

The entire experience could take about 2-3 hours so plan accordingly. You can locate a ride reservation near you here. Make sure you commit 100% because if the date starts to go awry you cant just jump ship; or in this case, balloon.

When the balloon touches down, make your way to dinner reservations at an upscale venue where the two of you will continue getting to know one another. Converse about the day’s adventure or commence with the usual first date conversation pieces until the night expires.

2] Skydiving Date

First date ideas sky diving

As mentioned previously, this option will be one of the more expensive things to do on the list. However, don’t fret, skydiving is a once in a lifetime opportunity and guaranteed to thrill your date to the utmost satisfaction. You can find a skydiving location nearest you here!

Once you’re in transit and the plane begins it’s ascension, the excursion will last for about 20 minutes so there won’t be much time to talk during the climb or even the fall. Don’t try to force conversation as your instructor will be relaying safety instructions to both of you. This is an opportunity for both of you to just enjoy the experience for what it is.

When you finally touch dirt the shock and awe will be enough ammo for you two to talk deep into the night. Try finding a local band that’s playing at a comfortable venue so you and your date can enjoy some tunes, reminisce about the life changing experience you shared together, and sip on your respective choices of social lubricant.

You probably wont want to go somewhere with excessive noise unless your date suggests a heavier type of sound. A nice Jazz club may be the perfect choice to cap off the night.

3] Yoga Date

First date ideas yoga

This is a great choice for the laid back pair, but absolutely not limited to. Find a nice beginner yoga class nearest you unless you’re aware that you and your partner are more advanced. You want to make sure you don’t put your date in any uncomfortable situations as that’s a sure fire ticket to start the date off on the wrong foot: no pun intended.

Yoga classes typically range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and there are a variety of classes you can sign up for. You may want to stay away from hot yoga (Bikram) on this one unless you plan on both you and your date being hot and sweaty for the rest of the date. The great part about the yoga date is that by nature, yoga is relaxing and that will work wonders in eliminating the first date jitters.

When the class ends, continue with the serenity of the date and go for a nice nature walk to open each other up and see what connections and sparks begin to flare. Pending what time the yoga class concluded you should have plenty of time to get to know each other. Find the perfect trail near you!

4] Art Gallery Date

First date ideas art gallery

There is something so awe inspiring about art galleries, making this a must have on the list of first date ideas. Many art galleries separate their rooms by style of paint or sculpture, time period, artist, and origin or work. Rest assured there will be plenty to gaze upon for both you and your date.

If you really want to impress, do a little research before you arrive so you have some talking points about any of the pieces on display. New lovers always appreciate a prepared, sophisticated, well informed counterpart and here is your time to shine. Not sure if there is a gallery near you, check this out!

After leaving the gallery why not continue the theme and take your date to a wine and canvas night. These painting classes are popping up all over the place nowadays and may supply or allow you to bring your own wine. Classes typically range 2-3 hours which will supply ample time to talk about your favorite artworks of the day. Perfect conversation fodder.

5] Carnival/Street Fair Date

First date ideas carnival

A timeless classic, yet far from the cliché ridden first date option some may think it is. While carnivals and street fairs have been a dating rendezvous location for generations, they add more excitement, surprise, and romantic value than the dinner or bowling options so frequently utilized.

With the carnival you will never be short on things to do. You can seek thrill on the rides, play a plethora of traditional and new games with the opportunity to win prizes for your date, listen to live entertainment, or simply stroll through the crowd and figure each other out.

Need help finding a street fair? No worries, locating one can be pretty common as they are used for holidays, anniversaries, and nationality appreciation. Here is a list of fairs in your state.

Make sure to go for a psychic reading while there if available. The possibility to hear your future is always worthwhile for both parties, as it will give both of you great dialogue and an inevitable slew of questions for one another. What better way to really get to know someone than to ask?

6] Volunteer Date

First date ideas volunteer date

Not only will you be doing a noble deed for the public, but you will look like an absolute saint with a heart of gold in doing so. Volunteering is great for the community and because it doesn’t cost a penny its the cheapest on the list of first date ideas.

Start your day at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter so you both can help with the less fortunate. Be polite and friendly with each person in the shelter. Trust me your date will pick up on that and their heart will melt before your eyes.

When your services are no longer needed, you can continue the volunteer work at an animal shelter for continued brownie points. If you happen to be an avid animal lover, this will be a great time to gauge how the other responds to animals. This could be vital information if you plan on continuing the relationship. Congratulations, you just spent gas, possible tolls, and a probable light meal; that’s it.

7] Ice Skating Date

First date ideas ice skating

Night time may be your only option and Ice Skating is a perfect solution. You can find skating rinks open throughout the seasons, but of course a late fall early winter date would make the night just seem right. On top of that you will have a better chance at locating an out door rink which will add to the allure.

Skating can be fairly cheap with max pricing being around $20.00 depending which rink you choose. You will probably want to get your date a hot cocoa or pumpkin spice whatever is in season to keep them warm as the rink can get pretty chilly over longer durations.

If you’re both not pros, laugh together as you’re both bound to slip up a few times. Nothing to be embarrassed about as its fairly common to feel vulnerable on the rink and that’s a good thing for the date.

As noted it would have its advantages to skating outside as you can finish off the night with a warm beverage and a chance to star gaze. What can be more romantic that that? Click here to find a rink near you.

8] Wine Tasting Date

First date ideas wine tasting

Pop the cork, order up a cheese plate, let the tannins mellow, and immerse yourselves in riveting dialogue. If you both share a mutual fandom of wine then this will be a great time for both of you to let your similarities show.

Share in a lovely tour together and be sure to listen to the wine connoisseurs school you in all there is to know. Its actually a very captivating experience as they are immensely passionate about their trade.

Many wineries have a outside venue with live entertainment where you can picnic and enjoy in one of their many varieties. Make sure to bring a nice blanket to lay on, maybe a few snacks and a small speaker for some great picnic music if a band is not available. Not sure if there is a winery near you? Check it out!

9] Outdoor Movie Date

First date ideas outdoor movie

Okay I lied. How can we leave out dinner and a movie as a first date idea? We don’t, and instead we add a twist to this typical first date option. Whether you purchase your own outdoor movie screen or locate a showing in the woods or on the beach, you’re bound to enjoy a more free and less confined space to view classic flicks or brand new blockbusters.

As per any outdoor setting remember to make sure you bring the necessities for a comfortable date: blanket, pillows maybe, and a light snack. Why only light? Well I’ll get to that. You may not be able to talk up a storm at this point but no worries. This is great time to just enjoy each others company until dinner.

That’s right, the dinner part but with a twist! Take your date to a cooking class where it’s really time to have some fun. Cooking classes are all the rage and you can find them ranging in all sorts of cuisines.

Unless your date is a total stiff in the kitchen this date will be sure to bring you both an absolutely memorable time. You can find a class near you here. Make sure to check out Groupon for deals in your area.

10] Flea Market Date

First date ideas flea market

Not something you were expecting as one of the first date ideas? Nostalgia and cheap shopping have a way of breaking down barriers and opening ample opportunities to excite your date. Let’s say you walk by a table with jewelry and you see that your date is fixated on a particular piece. Pick it up, tell them they would look beautiful or handsome with it and buy it for them. You will be sure to receive a nice smile and a generous thank you afterwards. You have also just set a great tone for the rest of the day.

Next, head over to a table with some fashionable threads. Inform your date of the second half of the evening; dance class. Break the ice and play a game where you both get to pick out an outfit for the other – within respectable boundaries of course – and they have to wear that for the dance class. Imagine how fun it will be to pick out the outfit and watch them dance in it.

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There you have it. 10 first date ideas that will help you secure a 2nd. Disclosure: If you’re and absolute prick just looking for some cheeks, these ideas will not guarantee a second date or even that you finish the first. Need some more help to impress your date, check out 10 Tips to Impress a Woman on Your First Date.

For the romantic, it will surely give you a leg up on the mundane simplicity of what every other person is doing. Remember the most important part of it all is to have confidence, be yourself and be respectful. Learn how to become instantly confident with women today!

Share your experiences with the community and thank you for reading “10 First Date Ideas to Ensure a 2nd”.  Please share with family, friends, co-workers, your dog and anyone else who is living in the 21st century.