Americans have become overly dependent on the nine to five lifestyle which leaves little room for exploration and travel. Are we afraid to vacation? Is it money related? Or is it that we are shackled by the very means to produce the income necessary to travel?

On average, Americans receive approximately 8.1 days of vacation after the first year or employment. After five years of employment we receive 11.9 days, according to your tax dollars over at the Department of Labor.

With such little time the average American is unable to expand their horizons, or experience new cultures. Interestingly enough for the average American, embracing the frequent use of travel has its benefits for both mental and physical health. Submitted for the approval of the millennial society, I call this article “5 Reasons Travel is Good For Your Health Both In Mind and Body.”

Gets You Moving 

So not to get any one’s hopes up but you won’t be losing a ton of weight here. However you will certainly be more active than your typical office setting.  If you work outside of the office than this will be just a regular day but with added benefits.

A community of travelers over at the Rick Steve’s travel forum all recant their tales of tourism clocking in about 6-10 walking miles per day. Pending type of terrain and city landscape, speed of walk, weight, incline, gender and other factors, for 6 miles you can lose anywhere from 400 to 1100 calories. This frequent walking will be beneficial for both heart and lungs.

You are gonna pay money to go somewhere for the experience. Because of that you are going to want to walk around more to enjoy the attractions and the scenery. Not only will you be walking more frequently, but you may try sports, or other physical activities you normally wouldn’t try or have access to.

Creates Social Connections

Human’s are social creatures. Loneliness can have damaging affects on our mental capacity as Social Isolation can lead to depression. Travel is the perfect remedy to this problem. When traveling we are already making the conscious decision to wander outside of our comfort zone. We are more inclined to enter in to situations we typically do not find ourselves in.

Because of this it is more probable that we will encounter and speak with other individuals. Making it a point to meet someone during your vacation will increase the benefit of the experience as a whole. Some of these connections that you meet, whether out at the local watering hole or an entertainment venue, may be lifelong connections.

However it may not also be a bad idea to invite a friend, partner, or family member to join. Travel with another person not only for safety, but so you are forced to spend time with another individual. Being the only two together will naturally increase the bond that you and your travel partner will share.

Boost the Creative Process and Expands Perspective

Traveling in itself is a process. First comes the planning. This already expands our minds as we look for creative ways to save money, visit as many destinations as possible, and overall get the full vacation and travel experience.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggested that immersing oneself into a different culture will increase creativity and the likelihood of being successful in one’s career. This does not mean you can just travel and hang out on the beach to become creative. You must fully engage in what separates their culture from your own.

In properly doing so, you will expand your perspective on how other people live, interact, and love. Instead of being sheltered by your own environment, you get to fully understand some of the hardships other cultures face. This is important because it may change the way you view your personal problems, leading to view them as less intimidating and possibly hyperbolic.

Recharge Emotionally and Get Away From Stresses

Maybe you work a job where outside of the typical holidays, you have not take a vacation in over 5 years. That is a long period of time being weighed down by the additional responsibilities of your employment.

How great would it feel to free yourself from the shackles that have held you in check for the last 5 years? You are correct if your thinking it would feel absolutely refreshing. That is why you need to plan a destination soon.

One study found that 81% of people felt they were able to leave work behind and full relax within 2 days of being on vacation. Traveling is all about putting your responsibilities aside thus fully focusing on yourself and your personal happiness.

Experience Other Cultural or Natural Remedies

While these places may not cure ailments of all sorts, there are places on earth you can travel to that pull from the Earth’s healing properties. Some of the most notable places would be the hot springs of Turkey, Costa Rica, England, Japan, or California.

Others may be that of holistic nature where they treat that of the mind and body together. Many countries around the world practice in holistic healing. Get a full balance in life by traveling to India, China, Egypt, New Zealand, and areas of the Middle East.

So there you have it. Travel is good for your health and that should be incentive alone to at least consider it. Whether you travel the states, or wonder abroad, cherish the moments and be open to the possibilities that will await. These are the experiences you will want to carry with you for the rest of your life.
So when you are looking for a little rest and relaxation check out your favorite travel blogs for insightful destinations to free yourself from the everyday struggles. Thank you for checking in with us and make sure to share this with your friends and family.