Sacrifices, missed opportunities, tears, and the will to endure through the toughest of years. Once you get to know me you will come to find I believe a lot in the path to success. It is a journey that enlightens us, toughens our skin, builds mental toughness, and most importantly flames the fire that is the passion to truly live.

This is my first blog post. Don’t worry it will not be long I will get straight to the point. This is the beginning of a shared journey between my audience and I on the road to enlightenment.

If I could offer only one tip for the future it would be to find yourself and what truly motivates you to take each breath and to walk each step. Wasted time will be your biggest regret and those missed opportunities will come back to haunt you when your old in age and unable to accomplish the things your body was so readily accessible to do when it was young and fresh.

Time does not pause and there are no bookmarks in your story as life is one linear path at a constant rate. Use the time you have to better yourselves and go make an impact not only on your life and legacy but those of the masses who can learn from your choices.

If I were to give each reader $86,400 dollars at 12:01am with the caveat that no dollar will roll over into the next day, would you spend it all, or would you squander away knowing a new surplus of money will be headed your way?

How you answer defines what kind of day you choose to conquer. Those dollars represent each second we are given in the day. Do you give everything you have, your blood sweat and tears to your pursue your ambitions, or do you catch up on some z’s? Focus on your dreams without laying in bed.

Your life, your destiny is a product of your own choosing. Your thoughts and actions as they define you, define the path in which you will take. Forks will come in the road plenty of times. It is the confidence to know where we would like to be and to propel ourselves forward through all other obstacles.

We as millennials are the in control as we account for one quarter of the U.S. population, even outnumbering the baby boomers according to the folks at the Census Bureau. It is our duty to leave a better country than how we received it. Do we want to leave a legacy or do we want to be consumed by the stereotypes we have been given? Your choice my friends.

I will do my absolute best to dispense quality reads directed towards your self-discovery and enlightenment, self-improvement, success and entrepreneurial mindset, relationship advice and anything good for the mind body connection. All I ask is that you give me brutally honest feedback and suggestions to make your viewing experience better. Iron sharpens iron and criticism is the best advice one can ever receive. Let’s get to work.

Submitted for the approval of the millennial society, I give you, the Public Invention…